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👀 What are Patterns?

This is how we define our “Pattern”:

🧐 Voice User Experience Patterns for App UI


User: What documents do I have for today?

Alan: You have Technical documentation, Project Share and Report a power outage. Do you want to go over the first one?
  • Alan selects and navigates items
  • Makes group actions
  • Expands list of lists and expands items
  • Picks several items from different sets
  • Responds back with the status of several items.


User: When will my next refill be delivered?Alan: Lisinopril will be delivered on Wednesday, January 15th at 2PM to your address. For free.
  • May search within a screen, opens what is attached.
  • Provides additional options
  • Asks to setup extra features that may be related, but not on screen now.


User: What's the status of Inline inspection?  Alan: In progressUser: Change status to Resolved Alan: Inline inspection status was changed to Resolved
  • Can be edited
  • Changed when opened (task opened in full screen) or closed (not on screen)
  • Can be moved between others, or be put in a different structure tree within the whole system
  • Have metadata like tags, statuses


User: Display audit for 2L of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7Up. Alan: Review. Any comments?User: Sale was great...products got sold out and replace by 15th...December 15th


User: Submit and go to homescreen Alan: Submitted and navigated to the homescreen


Alan: Your work order has been changed due to a storm. We recieved weather update. Would you like to know more about the new work order?


User: What status do closest units have?Alan: First unit has "in progress", second is free now, third is offline.

Quiz or questionnaire

  • list of questions that are shown upfront or hidden.
  • screen or block with Q & A.
Alan: How would you describe your experience in our app?User: It's good

List, Form, Content, Navigation, and Task in single Consumer use case

🤓 Conclusion




Alan is a B2B Voice AI platform for developers to deploy and manage Voice Interfaces for Enterprise Apps.

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Alan AI

Alan AI

Alan is a B2B Voice AI platform for developers to deploy and manage Voice Interfaces for Enterprise Apps.

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