Today’s Successful Apps have Human-Like Conversations!

We are human beings; we want every interaction with everything else to be human-like. This is the most effective and efficient way of interacting with other entities. That is what we have grown up with and that is what we have practiced all our lives.

However, Interactions with applications and websites are far from human-like. So far, all we have accomplished is very rudimentary progress with touch and type interactions. To be effective in the coming era, the following are the three characteristics that each of the applications and websites should possess:

  • Voice Conversations. We first learn to interact with other humans by speaking with them. We learned to write much later. Speaking combined with visual and hearing enabled us to not only hear what was said but also the intent behind what was said.
  • Fast Workflows. There is always a reason why people have interactions. Users today interact with an app or visit a website to accomplish something. Examples: looking for information, interacting with other users, purchasing something, following a process in an enterprise, or a combination of these, and more. We humans want to complete them as quickly as possible.
  • Real-Time Intelligence. People expect some intelligence in these interactions. In the human world, in the course of these conversations, we build on each other’s strengths in real-time. We should expect applications and websites to also increase their intelligence in real-time, so that people can have more human-like, more productive conversations.

The need for these capabilities is universal. Any application or website should be able to speedily implement the ability to speak and converse like human beings, without having to rewrite it to fit into the restrictive environments of current consumer voice assistants.

The Alan AI Platform is designed to augment existing applications with conversational voice AI capabilities:

  1. Conversational Voice UX leveraging existing UI in any application or website. Alan shows up as a floating, unobtrusive button that blends into an existing application’s UI. Alan enables the users to vocally interact with an application, with no changes to its existing UI.
  2. Intelligent Apps. Every application will be able to listen and learn from their users’ requests and become intelligent either by Machine Learning or Supervised Learning. For the first time in history, Alan AI’s contextual platform pinpoints user expectations for each context in the application. With the complete visibility of the user’s context and their commands, application owners can now augment the intelligence capabilities with voice UX to make the application intelligent over time. Users can simply ask “What can I do here?”, “Why hasn’t my order arrived yet?”, or “How do I make chicken maharaja?” just like we do in our normal lives. Alan AI enables applications to give the right answer, faster.
  3. Delight Users Faster. Users do not have to reload and update applications. Unlike slow, user-driven app store updates, the Alan AI platform enables instant updates to its conversational voice UX and intelligent capabilities in the applications.

We, at Alan AI, pioneered the ability to add Conversational Voice UX to any application and create intelligent applications that delight users instantly. We enable any application to have human-like conversations with their users, making them more effective in accomplishing their commercial objectives.




Alan is a B2B Voice AI platform for developers to deploy and manage Voice Interfaces for Enterprise Apps.

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Alan AI

Alan AI

Alan is a B2B Voice AI platform for developers to deploy and manage Voice Interfaces for Enterprise Apps.

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