How to implement a Voice Assistant into your PowerApp

Using the Alan Power Apps Framework

The Alan Platform now lets you create a voice assistants for your Power Apps. To get a free Alan Studio account, sign up using your Github at

To define the voice assistant for your application, review the documentation here.

Step 1. Get the Alan SDK for Power Apps

First, you need to get the Alan Power Apps SDK and import it to the Power Apps Studio:

Step 2. Add the Alan Button Component to your PowerApp

In the left menu of the Power Apps Studio, click Apps.

You do not need to define the Alan button position — the button is automatically set in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Insert the Alan SDK key

You need to insert the Alan SDK key from your Alan Studio project into the Alan Button Component properties.

Step 4. Save, publish and share your app

After you’ve added the Alan button to your project, you can publish and share your app to let users interact with the voice assistant:

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